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Our Mission

TraceTrust is committed to elevating the industry standard of dose accuracy to support cannabis edible manufacturers dedicated to product transparency and safety, furthering consumer confidence in cannabis products. 

We Believe

  • You deserve to know exactly what you’re putting in your body, and that information should be validated, easily traceable and reliable when purchasing products with the A True Dose™ seal.

  • Preserving and building the TraceTrust dose validation supply chain is a critical step to ensure safe, trusted Cannabis products for future generations.

  • That we need to cultivate manufacturing methods which protect public health and provide consistent results.

  • Informed decisions are the best decisions. Applied knowledge is power and we are setting the baseline for what’s expected for an elevated, informed consumer.

TraceTrust, A True Dose™ is directed by Merril Gilbert and Rhiannon Woo, and works with a collaborative network of technical and expert advisors from a broad and diverse range of backgrounds and sectors.

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