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Colleen King

Colleen is a supply chain specialist and farmer advocate. She has worked extensively in global trade, specializing in import and export relations in Colombia, Ethiopia, Peru and Guatemala. By creating clear criteria for purchasing protocols, in tandem with a commitment to farmers through personal relationships, she has helped to successfully scale food, beverage and cannabis CPG start ups. She received her bachelor's in Post Colonial Economics and Food Studies at Columbia College Chicago, and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Supply Chain and Logistics at MIT.

Founder Coaching

What sets us apart from other coaches and consultants is our practical experience in operations and business development. We know how to identify and address the critical issues that can make or break a business and develop a strategy that is resilient and purposeful. We identify what success looks like and how to get there through exploration and honest feedback.

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Investor Due Diligence

There are exciting new developments in food and beverage products due to emerging technologies. However, tried and true methods such as food safety, compliance and the best facility for operations still apply and can affect return on investment if not analyzed diligently.

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We have over 25 years experience bringing new ideas from the white board to the customer's hand. We want to see your vision become reality, and support you on your journey.

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