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Quality Audits

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Partnering with a co-manufacturer or co-packer has its advantages. By saving money on manufacturing infrastructure, you can get to market faster. But how do you know if your co-manufacturer is making your product the way they are supposed to? More often than not, you won’t know until something goes wrong. You might get complaints, subpar reviews, and sales might drop. A quality audit can determine if it’s related to production.


Regular performance checks ensure that everything is running smoothly, as it should. Smaller brands find every six to twelve months is a good time frame, while larger operations prefer every ninety days.


You’ve invested a lot already. It’s much easier to stay on top than deal with less-than-ideal outcomes. If you need a thorough check on your production runs or just want to stay ahead of mistakes, hiring a third-party can determine what’s happening and what, if anything, needs correction.

Is your co-manufacturer making your product the way they are supposed to? We’ll find out. 

Pouring over documents and observing fine details isn’t something you as a founder should be doing. Bringing in an experienced auditor who knows what to look for will save time and headaches. At TraceTrust, we tell you what’s going on and how you can ensure operational resiliency once we’re gone. 


Our process includes:


  • Reviewing all documents and records.

  • Observing multiple production runs from start to finish.

  • Identifying areas for further investigation.


Meet your quality auditor, TraceTrust’s COO, Rhiannon Woo


Rhiannon has audited manufacturing processes in food and beverage since 2007. She has experience in the supply chain, raw ingredients, ingredient processing, and scaled recipe development. A certified trainer in Good Agricultural Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP, and the Food Safety Modernization Act, Rhiannon assists companies in developing internal training programs. 


In 2015 Rhiannon took her skills to the legal cannabis industry to guide infused food brands. She wrote the first HACCP plan for cannabis and hemp that has now been adapted by ASTM. Her experience includes indoor and outdoor growing systems, traditional and modern cannabis extraction techniques, and participates in standardizing committees.

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See how we solved one client’s production run mystery.

Why is this happening?

Using your quality audit to solve production mysteries

How TraceTrust’s quality audit helped one brand identify the small details impacting their product in a co-manufacturing facility.

 We care about your time and your wallet. Before scheduling a quality audit, you should have standard operating procedures and quality specs in place. If you haven’t reached this stage yet, contact us for a referral to one of our trusted partners.  

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