TraceTrust Programs

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TraceTrust is a mission-driven organization dedicated to standardizing dose validation of Cannabis Edibles. Our programs go beyond standard compliance markers set by the state government, ensuring manufacturers not only understand the fundamentals of Product Safety but embrace stricter methods to ensure public confidence.

Our programs include A True Dose™ certification process, consulting services for product development and operational management, and educational classes to implement food and beverage manufacturing compliance practices.




Be one of the leading companies to validate that your “Edibles are Credible”! We are looking for a select group of edible producers, distributors, dispensary and delivery services to participate in our beta program. Your participation will ensure that our testing, and communication practices will guide consumer awareness to your company and brand’s commitment to product safety and a consistent experience.

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TraceTrust founders, Merril Gilbert and Rhiannon Woo provide solutions to solve compliance and business challenges in cannabis product development and manufacturing. They bring over 25 years of food and beverage production and operational expertise to this new and evolving industry.

We Offer Guidance On:

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing Safety

  • HACCP Certification + Track and Trace Compliance

  • Fundamentals of Dosing Accuracy

  • How to Implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)

  • Scaling from Shared Kitchen to Full Manufacturing Production

  • Self Produce or Co-pack?

  • Identifying and Best Use Practices for Production and Packaging Equipment

  • Industry Certifications & Labeling – Label Accuracy and Compliance

  • R&D Ideation and Product Project Management

  • Organizational Cross Functional Team Leadership and Development

  • Cost Analysis for Profitability - Knowing What it Really Costs to Produce