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One-on-One Founder Coaching

Your Guides to Secure Funding


Starting a business is hard work. You’ve already put so much effort into it. Now it’s time to take it to the next level by fundraising. Raising capital is one of the more challenging aspects of starting a new business. You probably have a lot of questions that are making your head spin, like:

  • How much money do I actually need?

  • Am I even ready to take this step?

  • Why do I keep getting no’s or no response at all?

  • How do I make sure I’m prepared?

We’ll answer all these questions and more.

You don’t need someone to tell you you’re doing great. You need honest feedback and solutions. We’re here to give you that without changing who you are. Instead, we make adjustments to position you in the direction you wish to go.

In our time together, we will:

Review your business plan for due dilligence

Polish your pitch deck

Identify invester attributes

Determine your "ask"

Practice your presentation for feedback

Explore alternative funding options

About Us

What sets us apart from other coaches and consultants is our hands on experience and approach. Our work in strategic, operational and business management and understanding of regulatory requirements means we know what needs to happen and how to make it work. 

Our CEO and your new coach, Merril Gilbert, has 25 years of experience guiding companies from development to launch while establishing their brand identity. Our collective team has a varied background in product development, manufacturing, commercialization, standardization, risk management, due diligence, compliance, and go-to-market strategies in multiple industries, including food and beverage, food technology, agriculture, cannabis, and hemp.

But what really matters is that we’ve done this before, both with our own businesses and with our diverse set of clients. Whatever the product or service your business offers, we know the questions to ask and how to build your confidence.

What our clients have to say

“Merril is totally committed to my success and brings her A game to every meeting. She has helped me  simplify the funding process and get my assets in order. I don’t know that I would have gotten to this point in my journey without her support and wisdom. I fully trust her advice and direction. She has done this before and her experience gives me strength and confidence when I’m pitching.”

- Kyra Reed

Women Employed in Cannabis

Previous Success Stories

How do I ask for money?

Getting investors to believe in you

There is an art to pitching in today’s fundraising environment. You must be able to stand out digitally and in person. Whether you’re presenting in front of an incubator cohort, an online competition, or even for Shark Tank, it all involves knowing who you are, your company’s vision, and assembling a team that will lead to success. Here are a few case studies on how we guide founders to prepare, rehearse, and capture the interest of investors.

Are you ready to take the next step for your business?

We get that it can be intimidating and uncertain, kind of like being surrounded by the fog that rolls in off the bay in San Francisco. We’re here to help guide you through it. Because your trust in us is important, we invite you to learn more about our process and what our one-on-one founder coaching services include here.

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