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WEiC Leadership Summit: Power and Collaboration

WEIC Digital Event

July 21, 2021

WEiC Leadership Summit: Power and Collaboration

Collaboration: to cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected.

Women are losing power in the cannabis industry. In 2017 women held 36% of C Suite positions in cannabis. Today, less than 8% of CEOs are women and only 38% of all positions in cannabis are held by women. Women are losing their power in cannabis…fast.

We know that statistically women have a higher rate of return on investment, lower turnover and a faster rate to profitability than their male counterparts – so why are we losing ground at such an alarming rate?  This is one of many questions we will explore at the Leadership Summit: Power & Collaboration.

At WEIC we can’t just sit back and watch more women lose their positions and power. We know that we, as a community, have the talent, ambition and smarts to stop the Power Drain. We also know we can’t do it alone.

We invite you to join your community for the day so that we can, as a collective, tear these barriers to the ground.

Without your participation and voice we are weaker and gaining our power will take longer. We need you in this collaboration. #bettertogether by #upliftingeachother

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