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Cannabis Compliance Services

The future of cannabis depends on transparency and trust.

At TraceTrust, we offer a range of services including independent, operational audits, third-party certifications, trainings, and consultations to help you get and stay compliant.



Prove your product’s quality, transparency, safety, and compliance with third-party certifications.

Certifications tell everyone you are committed to safe and reliable consumer experiences. They also help build a strong operational foundation for your company to grow from and use to stand out in the marketplace. 

cGMP Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) is an independent, third-party audit system. It guarantees that companies meet current safety, quality, and legal standards for every batch and have the ability to recall a product and identify where the problem occurred.

HACCP Food Safety Certification A systemic approach designed to prevent hazards from occurring in production. HACCP helps ensure the success of your Good Manufacturing Procedures and can identify risks before they occur.

A True Dose™ and hGMP™ Certifications To provide manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers a clear way of identifying products that go beyond regulatory requirements by validating source ingredients, GMP, instructions for use, and label claims.

Manufacturing Guidance for Multi-State Operators Representing more than one state with a cannabis brand is a big job. To help you emerge into a multi-state market we can help you navigate regulations, write efficient SOPs, and source ingredients.

Compliance Assistance

There is a lot of hassle and confusion in cannabis regulations. With our supplemental compliance services, we can help you ensure all avenues of your business are operating within the lines.


Pre-cGMP Certification Audit Not ready for certification yet? We get it. It can be a complicated process, but with our pre-certification services we can help prepare your organization for audit.

HACCP Food Safety Training Take the safety and efficiency in your manufacturing to a new level.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Implementation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are the instructions for everyday operations. SOPs are, at best, personalized and living documents. Its instructions are simple, easy to follow and ensure an efficient and compliant operation with every harvest, batch, or shipment. We are here to help you set up only what you need.

Label Compliance Review A great label is more than an appealing design. It must be compliant with state regulations and tell consumers everything they need to know about the product. Whether you want to review a current label or design a new one, we can help you design one that is compliant, informative, and on-brand.


Risk Assessment Support

  • Facility Assessment for Loss Prevention & Corrective Actions

  • Investment Due Diligence for Facility & Brand Acquisition

  • Cost Analysis for Profitability 

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