Is Your Edible Credible?


The legal cannabis marketplace will be $146 Billion in 2025, and edibles will be 1/3 of that. But, with regulatory agencies focusing on milligrams/serving of THC and CBD - they’re missing out on important factors that impact a customer’s experience.

So, we worked with industry leaders to develop a standard that looks at all the things that impact the quality and reliability of edibles.


A True Dose™ Stands For Excellence in
Manufacturing Processes, Consumer Safety, And Product Consistency

Beyond Regulatory Minimum Standards


What Regulatory Agencies Verify:

  • Milligrams THC and CBD per serving

  • Absence of pesticide and solvent residues

What They Don’t Verify:

  • Strain consistency batch after batch (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Hemp or Blend)

  • Are the same extraction types used batch after batch? (Full Spectrum, Isolates, Nano-droplet, etc.)

  • Are clear instructions for use provided for the consumer?

  • Are Good Manufacturing Practices followed to ensure product safety, quality and consistency?

  • Are non-cannabis ingredients validated?



We Make Your Edible Credible.